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    • there. Drove up to the shop and we pulled codes P0706 & P0707. Cleared, but they came right back. Inspected and Found – We found codes P0706 (Transmission Range Sensor Performance), P0707 (Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Low), P1702 (Transmission Range Sensor Intermittent), and P1921 (Transmission Range Signal). Currently, none of the codes are setting, but the transmission range sensor will need to be replaced and reprogrammed to prevent any of the codes from returning.
    • MAIN CONTROL VALVE BODY – Remove & Replace – [Includes: Programming.] – [Includes: Adjust Linkage(s).]
    • VIN Specific Programming
    • Inspected & Found – The transfer case fluid is getting dark and should be serviced in the near future. A coolant flush, tune-up, and rear differential service are all due at 100k miles. All of the other vehicle fluids, belts, and coolant hoses are in good condition at this time. Both front and rear brakes have approx. 10% remaining The TPMS light is currently on will need to go to a tire shop to clear it.
    Jim K. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/6/2023


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